All you need to know about your car's ignition switch

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Published: 06th July 2010
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Ignition switch - more or less playing the role of the main processing unit in your cars electrical supply is the main starting system of the car consisting of two main parts, the lock cylinder and the electronic switch. In earlier times, people used to warm up the electrical parts of their car with a crank on the front, but an ignition switch does the same thing just by the turn of a key. The main purpose of a car's ignition switch is to ensure proper electric power supply to all the parts of the car which are responsible for the proper functioning at maximum level and full speed. Therefore it gives an initial charge to the car and helps in warming up. Although the car only starts off when a sufficient amount of current flows to the starter motor and compression reaches up to a satisfactory level at the right time.

A car's engine is more or less completely dependent upon the proper functioning of the ignition switch and its adjustment to the maximum or minimum power that it can supply depending upon the desired function. The starting up of an ignition switch is a simple process which can be described in terms of an electric current traveling through it via battery cables to the main starter motor. The electric supply starts when the ignition switch gives off a spark, which then travels through the aforementioned parts. It reaches the cylinder via spark plugs. All these parts are vital for proper functioning and maintenance of the car's engine. The spark plug should be checked properly because they are the main transporters and carriers of the current. It is highly recommended that the spark plug should be renewed after the car travels every 30,000 miles. It is a simple and cost effective process.

Other important parts of an ignition system include ignition coil and the distributor. The ignition coil consists of primary and secondary circuits. The main role of the ignition coil is to create a strong magnetic field and a high voltage built up which is then sent to the spark plugs via a distributor. The ignition coil is not that expensive and can be easily replaced whenever required. Although it doesn't require to be replaced as frequently as recommended for the spark plugs.

Finally, the distributor, as its name suggests, distributes the incoming current to the correct cylinder. It is important because it provides symmetry to the flow of current and prevents its haphazard flow. It consists of a capacitor which stores current and releases it when it is needed by the cylinder.

We live in a modern and up to date era, where things are being made easier and handy for us. Now there are some cars available in which the ignition system can start just by pushing a button and is described as a keyless ignition system. It will cost you around 350$ and can be easily installed by your mechanic. So choose what's best for you.

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