Common Problems With Ignition Switch And Their Solutions

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Published: 06th July 2010
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Just imagine for a while that you don't have any technical knowledge about vehicles. Can you start a car without its ignition switch? Certainly no! the purpose of this article is make you able to deal with such circumstances. This is only possible when you know what kind of problems can occur with the ignitions switch.

When you sit in the driving seat of your car, your hand automatically inserts the key into the switch to turn it on or to start it. Like all other parts of your car, it also requires the same level of maintenance. If it doesn't work, your car is of no use for you. So lets discuss that what are the general problems with the switch and how can they be treated.

What does an ignition switch do?

An ignition switch is a combination of two components. The first part is a lock cylinder where you insert the key to turn it on and the second part is an electrical circuit connected to the lock cylinder. This is not the standard form and may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Generally there are four switching options in most of the cars namely 'off', 'on', 'start', 'lock'. You will be familiar with them so there is no need to discuss about what they are meant for.

Smelling the rat

The most common indication of a problem with the ignition switch is that the car doesn't start. There are many other reasons associated with this problem like a drained battery or a bad starter. You can easily eliminate other reasons by checking the battery with the help of a voltmeter. If there is nothing wrong with it, concentrate on the switch. Turn the key to 'On' position and check whether the warning lights on the dashboard turn on or not. If they do not turn on or do not shut off as you turn the key to start position, you have diagnosed that there is some problem with your ignition switch.

Dealing with the problem

The role of the ignition switch is of vital importance and one can not ignore problems with it in any case. If it does not work properly, there may not be any better solution than replacing it with a new one. In most cases, it is the electrical circuit where the actual problem lies. So replacing it instantly is the only way to save you from fuss and distress.

Your car can offer switching problem at anytime and anywhere, so you should be able to change it yourself. Always keep a spare switch with you in your car. To replace the troublesome switch with a new one, detach the negative terminal of the battery and the whole steering wheel. Disconnect the windshield wipers and the horns. remove the mounting screws. This will facilitate you removing the switch. untangle the old key cylinder and replace it with the new one. Now do the whole procedure in the reverse direction to re-assemble the components. Insert the key into the switching the hole, turn it and leave the fuss behind. Visit for more information.

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