Main Use of ignition lock in motorcycle!

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Published: 06th July 2010
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A perfect day with a perfect ride for a perfect outing, how better can it get? How perfect would it be to come back and realize your motorbike went missing? Oops, that just spoiled your perfection. Well, life is unpredictable, and mysterious. It doesn't come with a warning label. So, one must always be careful and try to prevent all these problems, so that their perfection doesn't mess up.

Unfortunately, every spot for a perfect outing is also a perfect spot for an automobile theft.

Bob Feinen is known to be famous as a motorcycle theft specialist as he has handled many cases of motorcycle thefts and have successfully solved many of them as well. Through his experience, he was able to summarize few common mistakes that people make which result in their motorcycle theft.

Out if them, the most common reason is that people forget the ignition lock. The motorcycle always comes with the protection of ignition lock but due to the ignorance of some people, who turn off the ignition but forget to lock it, the motorcycles get easily stolen. The ignition lock is a protection provided to the motorcycle and if we take care to always lock it in the first place, the chances of theft reduce to about a hundred folds. It has a specific key and it only opens via that key, so it is impossible to unlock it through any other alternative. In this way your vehicle can be safe from the danger and threat of a theft. The ignition lock is present and is a vital part of all the vehicles available in the markets.

Further, if you are looking forward for a night in, in a motel etc. you can always keep an eye on the security cameras and park your vehicle in front of them so that they can always be under some supervision and keep the insurance identification card with you at all times. Also, care should be taken when selling your vehicle because there are many frauds that use fake identities and trick people into selling them their vehicle. So, always check the authenticity of the buyers to which you are interested in selling.

The aforementioned things should always be kept in mind to avoid motorcycle theft and beware of all the thieves. Out of these the most important is to always keep the ignition lock in mind. It is specially built for this purpose because unless the ignition lock isn't unlocked by the specific key, the theft is impossible because the ignition system can never start unless unlocked. In this way you can get protection against the theft. Because once stolen it is very hard to get your vehicle back unless you have very strong security system. But the better and easier way out is to keep a check on the lock of the ignition and keep your keys safe so that no one can unlock and hence steal it. Visit for more information.

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